A Quick Flower’s Guide to Help You Send the Right Bouquets

Flowers are beautiful, magnificent and create a positive aura around our surroundings. They are ideal to be sent or received for any occasion be it a birthday party, a marriage anniversary, job promotion, farewell ceremony or even on the funeral. Flowers are so pure, serene and elegant which makes them grab immediate attention of onlookers.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss about the various flowers and their meanings. This information will be very beneficial while sending a bouquet of flowers to someone. Check out now.

Roses-According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, roses are associated with Aphrodite and Venus, who are known as Goddesses of love. The flower is a symbol of love and passion. They are available in a wide range of colors such as Red, Pink, Yellow, White and others. Based on your mutual bonding, understanding and occasion, you can select the right color roses and send flowers online to your loved ones.

Tulips-The flower has its origin from countries like Persia and Turkey. Tulips were introduced to Europe in the 16th century where they got their present name from the Turkish word “gauze” which were used to wrap the turbans. The flower is available in different colors and each color has its own meaning. While the yellow tulips stand for cheerful thoughts, white conveys the forgiveness, purple represents the royalty and the red tulips signifies the perfect love.

Poinsettias-Poinsettia flower is actually associated with the Christmas festival and it is based on an old Mexican legend. According to the story, a child with no source to acquire big gifts, gathered weeds from the road side in order to offer them to church alter on the eve of Christmas. The folklore says that weeds miraculously turned into the brilliant red and green flowers which are today known as Poinsettias. The flower is known to symbolize cheer, success, best wishes and celebration among people.

Daffodils- The flower represents the rebirth and new beginnings, thereby making it synonymous with the spring season. Botanically, it is known as narcissus but they are also called as jonquils. The daffodils is said to bring good luck according to a Chinese legend. It states that if you can force a daffodil bulb to bloom during the eve of New Year, it will certainly bring good luck to your home.

Sunflowers- It is a wonderful flower that can cheer up the mood of any person within no time. Sunflowers are bright and cheery with brilliant yellow petals that resembles to that of the shape of a sun. They are available in a number of varieties and are known as “happy” flowers. The flower represents the adoration, loyalty and longevity in symbolic meaning. It is said that the flower mirrors the sun’s movement to derive its light, nourishment and heat.

With a clear understanding of the flowers and their associated meanings, it is time to send flowers online to the people you care about. Choose the right bouquet shop in Chennai and prepare a beautiful bouquet out of it for your loved ones.