Make Your Event Even More Fun With Hashtag Printing

Did you know that 82% of couples create a custom hashtag for their wedding? Having a custom hashtag is a really fun way not only to let your guests get involved in the merriment, but also to relive the occasion afterwards when you peruse your social media.

What if there was a way to leverage that hashtag to have even more fun during the event?

There is, and it’s called social media printing. Here’s how it works!

Let’s say your names are Pam and Jim, so you create the hashtag #pamandjimgethitched for your wedding. You spread the word in advance, announcing the hashtag on your wedding website, including it on your save the dates, and of course using it on social media for the weeks leading up to the nuptials.

When the big day rolls around, your friends start taking pictures and then using the hashtag #pamandjimgethitched when they post those pics to their Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Now imagine that guests can take home a copy of their pictures as a wonderful souvenir of the wedding. It’s possible with hashtag printing. Similar to a photo booth rental for an event, hashtag printing companies will set up a printer at the restaurant, bar, or banquet hall where you are having your reception.

The printer will automatically monitor your wedding hashtag and print out any pictures that are tagged with it. You can even choose to have picture printed with an exclusive frame.

You will want to decide before the event on a way to display these photos; laying them out on a table or pinning them on a giant billboard are two of the most common. This way, guests can peruse the pictures during the entire event.

At the end of the evening, guests can claim the pictures that they took and hashtagged, to take home with them as a memento of the day that Pam and Jim got hitched!

Of course, hashtag printing isn’t just for weddings. Consider this service anytime you are hosting an event at which people will be snapping photos and uploading them to social media: anniversary parties, birthday parties, sweet 16 parties, fashion shows, gallery openings, charity events, corporate retreats, conventions, and more!

All you need is a custom hashtag.

If the event is corporate or non-profit, and therefore branded, a photo printing service that creates keepsakes on the spot is a great way to drive participants to use your hashtag — thereby generating more exposure and marketing for your business or cause.

You can even choose add-on analytics services, so that after the event you can study reach, impressions, and more.

Social media has made photo taking more fun than ever before, with the ability to share, like, retweet and otherwise engage with people’s photos. Take that social engagement to the next level with a hashtag printer, a custom hashtag, and user generated images at your next event.

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