Why Butti leather glasses cases give the best of both worlds

Eyewear is one of the biggest  niches in the fashion world today, but how do we protect our investment? Sadly, the answer is that most of us spend a fortune on eyewear, only for it be damaged by poor-quality glasses cases. Or, we get good protective glasses cases but they don’t match our fashionable glasses. But there is a solution – and this is why Butti leather glasses cases give the best of both worlds.

Let’s explain the ‘best of both worlds’

Which countries are the two most eminent in the fashion world today?  That’s right – Italy and Great Britain. So imagine if your men’s leather glasses cases came with the provenance of Italian heritage, British style – sounds great, right?

Well, Butti leather glassescase fulfil that promise – a true modern classic that reinvents the classic glasses case with the best of both fashion worlds.

Stylish, sleek and yet so protective, Butti leather glasses cases provide luxury protection for your eyewear without compromising looks or style.

Manufactured from the highest quality leathers, Butti cases combine functionality with simplicity, whilst retaining beautiful, stylish looks.

So not only do Butti leather glasses cases give the best of both worlds – British style and Italian heritage – but they do so combining practicality, simplicity and style.

Butti leather glasses cases, a multitude of colours and styles

How many stylish glasses cases can you recall? Perhaps not many, and if you can, its likely most where either the same colour, same material or the same effect right?

Not with Butti leather cases – Men’s and Women’s are available in a range of colours (Tan, Vermilion, Burgundy, Blue, Black) and a variety of styles/effects (Verona, Emilia, Catania, Verona) to perfectly accessorise and match your eyewear.

You may prefer your Butti leather eyewear case to be light yet bold, so go with the Verona tan which has a crocodile skin effect.

Need something a bit more subtle? Go with Emilia Burgundy, which has a more subtle circle/bubble effect in a more subdued colour.

It’s not just about fashion though

Of course, looks are important – but so is practicality. It’s no use having a beautiful glasses case that doesn’t offer strong protection, or isn’t easy to use.

With Butti leather glasses cases, not only are they a breeze to use – and you can check their videos on their website if you don’t believe this – but they offer rock solid protection. Simplicity, functionality and beauty remember?

Conclusion: shouldn’t you be trusting your lovely glasses to Butti leather cases?

We’ve shown you a great combination of Italian Heritage and British style in Butti leather cases. Simplicity, beauty and functionality – don’t they sound the perfect cases to protect your prized fashionable eyewear?