Best free online movie websites

There was a time when people were used to go to cinemas to watch their favorite films with their partners, families and friends but it was too hard to do that a lot because of their tough and running lives adults have jobs and kids have studies and student life to cope up with. Watching films was once in a blue moon. But things changed and internet was introduces. Life is still very hard even more than earlier but the technology has advanced too. It has become very easy to watch whatever films and dramas series people want to watch with their families.  There are many people who didn’t have enough money to do to cinemas to watch new films but that has also changed by internet. Now you can watch films online without going anywhere and in the comfort of your home. That has been possible with so many online free movie and TV watching websites. No all websites are as good but there are many which are providing the best quality of picture, sound and the biggest collection of films and drama series made in almost every entertainment industry in the world. Here are some of the best sites for free online movies and TV series.

 Tubi TV

People are in love with all those websites which are giving them the opportunity to watch films online for free. The reason is that they can now watch all those films too which are no longer available in the market to purchase, there are many places which do not have big stores for DVD and free online movie websites are the best option for people.  This is one of the amazing platforms which carry the ocean of free movies online and TV Shows from various genres.

This website is very easy to use but has very beautiful features. The interface speaks about the content itself. Easy to navigate and use. It does not only have movies but you will find the biggest collection of TV series ongoing and off air both, on this website. This website also provides you the filter option so that you can easily search a movie of any specific country or language. This website has also divided film in genres so you can search by the genre.


Many websites have mirrors links and some of them do not work in every country. Putlocker is the only website which provides you with the biggest list of mirror websites so that you can watch on which is working in your region. There is no other website with so well organized content and with so many categories. This website does not online have films but you can also watch every new episode of your favorite drama series. This website has the biggest collection of all old and new dramas series and movies. When it comes to movies and TV series, we act more selective with the ratings, genre, and country.A great free movie site to watch movies online. We did include a screenshot to make our audience more familiar with content and structure of this streaming site.