Styles and Materials for Modest Wedding Dresses

Coy brides often choose modest bridal gowns. There are several styles which are specified for a modest wedding dress:

  • Refined elegant silhouette;
  • A-shaped silhouette;
  • Empire silhouette;
  • Mermaid style.

Main Features & Advantages of Modest Dress

The traditional style of a modest dress is a classic one, with an adjacent corset and a skirt slightly extended downwards. This dress will look luxurious on almost any type of figure. The fashion world is ready to impress its potential consumers by huge variety of modest dresses of any silhouette.
If the bride wants to be like a real princess, it’s worth choosing a satin outfit with delicious lace, less often silk, inserts. Most often, these are the outfits of snow-white shades, while tints of ivory and champagne can boldly compete with these traditional ones.

The main advantage of such modest outfit is its versatility to any type of women’s figure. In addition, the dress is always topical; the price is acceptable. Such dress makes the main emphasis on the natural beauty of a sweet bride.

Decoration of a Modest Dress

Magnificent silk and noble satin are often used when sewing a wedding dress of this type. The satin looks luxurious and composed at the same time. For the splendor of the bottom of the dress and the creation of multi-layered skirts, it is best to use satin or chiffon.

The main distinguishing feature of this dress is a minimum of decor. Lack of abundance in the dress finish allows you to achieve purity and elegance of the image, showing primarily the natural beauty of the bride. Subtlety and simplicity are the main characteristics of the image.

Modest Dresses’ Elements

The basic elements of modest dresses include:

  • sleeves;
  • neckline;
  • dress length;
  • cut;
  • unfitted silhouette;
  • an accent on the back.

A suitable cutout for a modest dress is a rounded or shallow V-neck. Models with a deep neckline or with an open back and bare shoulders refer to frank.

The length of this wedding dress is rather controversial issue. With increasing popularity for summer outdoor ceremonies, on the beach, or celebrations in the bosom of nature, short dresses are gaining popularity. But too frank mini can make the wedding image too cheap and affordable. It is better to choose the length of the midi, as is a small loop.

The cutouts on the top of the dress are quite relevant. The most popular among them are V-shaped shallow, rounded, high (under the throat), cutout-boat, and square.

A wedding dress with a closed top is the perfect solution for a gentle, stylish, graceful, and elegant bride. It will hide the fragility of the shoulders, imperfect hands and décolleté area. Moreover, it gives mystery to the bride’s image in general.